Highland Games

A Sportsman is going Stateside to hammer the opposition at the world Highland Games.
Strongman Scott Thompson is part of a Scotland side taking on an American team, in Florida, competing in events such as the hammer, caber and sheaf toss.

Scott said "The Highland Games are really big over there - bigger than it is in Scotland now. Some say the competitors get treated like Royalty over there."
The 35-year-old from Sunderland is training six times a week to prepare for the challenge, which will test his strength and skill in a host of disciplines.
He will toss the caber, a 22ft long log weighing 100lb and attempt the sheaf toss - where he will throw a bail of hay over a bar using a pitchfork.
he will also throw the Scots hammer, lift a variety of weights over a bar which is then moved up in height and a form of shot putt using a stone.
Scott previously took part in the Highland Games in Scotland in 1996, where he finished second, and 1997.
Taking part in the games will cost Scott £2000.Sponsors welcome

Florida Highland Games 2010