Highland Games

We endeavor to maintain an accurate, up-to-date listing of Highland Games activities both on a chronological basis and by geographical region. However, site visitors should always check with the official Games web site for the latest about schedule dates and other information. Note also that the Highland Games listings on this site make no claim to being comprehensive. The scope of the listings is described in the Schedule listings policy.

Unless otherwise noted, dates are for the 2007 event.

United States[]

October 5-6 St. Louis Scottish Games and Cultural Festival St. Louis, MO
October 5-7 Flora MacDonald Highland Games Red Springs, NC
October 6 Loch Lomond Highland Games and Celtic Gathering Ben Lomond, CA
October 6 Loch Hartwell Highland Games and Scottish Festival Loch Hartwell, GA
October 6 Connecticut Scottish Festival Goshen, CT
October 6-7 Reno Celtic Celebration Reno, NV
October 6-7 Chesapeake Celtic Festival East. shore of MD
October 7 Scotland Connecticut Highland Games Scotland, CT
October 13 Anne Arundel Scottish Festival and Highland Games Anne Arundel Co. Fairgrounds, MD
October 13-14 Bedford Celtic Heritage Festival Bedford, TX
October 13-14 Seaside Scottish Highland Games Ventura, CA
October 19-21 Stone Mountain Highland Games Stone Mountain Park, GA
October 3 The McCullough Scottish Games Baldwin, MD
October 27 Waxhaw Scottish Games and Gathering of the Clans nr. Monroe, NC
October Tennesee Highland Games Murfreesboro, TN


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No Highland Games listings

Internet resources[]

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