Highland Games

An example of kilt hose (purple diced diamond variant).

Kilt hose, or Highland hose, are a type of Scottish hosiery. Basically they are what we call socks in the United States.

Kilt hose are long stockings normally worn knee-high, with the upper part of the hose sometimes folded back down to create a thicker cuff just below the knee; some dancers choose to unfold the created cuff in case the weather gets too cold. They are made of wool or Acrylic or some combination thereof and are available in a variety of solid colors so as to match any tartan color. They can also be found in diced patterns, which are required wear for Highland dancers (though some dancers prefer a solid white color). The most common color of hose however, is the cream, or "off-white" hose, the color of unbleached wool. Pipers often wear brilliant white "piper's hose" made of entirely synthetic fibre. Piper hose differs also in that the top of the hose has a 'built-in' cuff with a raised texture.


  • The "Lassie" and "Laddie" characters from WeeSing's Grandpa's Magical Toys wear white hose as part of their fictionalized Scottish costumes.