Highland Games

An example of kilt hose (purple diced diamond variant).

Kilt hose, or Highland hose, are a type of Scottish hosiery. Basically they are what we call socks in the United States.

Kilt hose are long stockings normally worn knee-high, with the upper part of the hose sometimes folded back down to create a thicker cuff just below the knee. They are made of wool or Acrylic or some combination thereof and are available in a variety of solid colors so as to match any tartan color. They can also be found in diced patterns, which are required wear for Highland dancers. The most common colour of hose however, is the cream, or 'off-white' hose, the colour of unbleached wool. Pipers often wear brilliant white 'pipers hose' made of entirely synthetic fibre. Piper hose differs also in that the top of the hose has a 'built-in' cuff with a raised texture.


  • The "Lassie" and "Laddie" characters from WeeSing's Grandpa's Magical Toys wear white hose as part of their fictionalized Scottish costumes.