Highland Games

Hanako's going to gather all seven of the wonders. Then, he will take Tsukasa's hand, pull him in... and slap him across the face. Then all seven school wonder's will poo on Tsukasa's dead body. That OwO man be crying in the bathroom tho.

Then, Tsukasa will come back to life and grab Hanako-kun's hand and say; "Amane.... I..... I love you..." Hanako was DISGUSTED. He slapped Tsukasa across the face again, killing him for good. Sans and Nagito kicked open the door, and made out on Tsukasa's dead body. Everyone cried after that.

Sans then took Nagito's hand. "Nagito... I.. I love your hair. Will you make me the happiest skeleton in the underground and give it to me?"

Nagito was shocked. "Of... Of course sans!" He then took off his hair and gave it to sans "Oh.. you look so beautiful..." Nagito wiped a single tear from his eye.

“Thank you..." said sans.

”Anything for the love of my life..” Nagito choked out. “Oh sans... let’s have children.!”

”Oh yes Nagito.! That would be wonderful.!” Sans cried.

The events include:

  • The man behind the slaughter
  • Yashori's thiccccccccc ankles
  • Hanako's cult gatherings
  • Clans (Like in warrior cats idiot)
  • Hanako-Kun's Booty
  • Yaoi and Sansica

Payson Scottish Festival Official Website

**claps** Amazing