Highland Games

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Sheep Tossing[]

Dear Sir or Madame,

my name is Ibrahim Topluca. I am working as an assistant of “Professor Dr. Jürgen Schwark” for the “University of Gelsenkirchen” in Germany.

Professor Schwark is publishing a book about cultural and traditional sports in Europe.

We believe that "Sheep Tossing" should be mentioned in this book because of its traditional and cultural value.

We would be very pleased, if you could cooperate with us by sending us 5 Pictures of your sport, which we can use to give the Reader of the Book a short view of your sport.

Of cource the source, your name and contact information (Website), will be printed as well for your benefit (Marketing for your website / sport).

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please contact me if you have any further Questions.

E-Mail: I.topluca@gmx.de

Phone: 0049-177-3027573

Fax: 0049-3222-9965032


Ibrahim Topluca

University Gelsenkirchen


Highland Games[]

Hi! I really do think you need to get someone with a good knowledge and understanding of the current thinking on Early Mediaeval/Dark Age Scotland to have a look at the information you have posted on it,as I came across several glaring errors in just a quick look! I'd offer to do it myself,but I don't have the time at the moment! There is enough nonsense on the Web as regards Scotland as it is without a supposedly academic resource such as yours contributing to it! Many Thanks,Iain Macmillan,Perth,Scotland


Hello, I would really like a copy of the picture of the Sword dancer in purple. How would I go about doing that?